Submission Standards

A guide to technical requirements for submissions to Overflightstock
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  • 4k, 6k or higher @ 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 60 FPS Progressive.
  • HD (1920x1080) footage from drones is no longer being accepted.
  • High Quality HD 1080 is okay for RED and MFTs etc.
  • is preferred. is fine at bit rates of greater than 80 Mb/s at 4k 30fps equivalent. 
  • Clip length: 8 to 30 seconds (occasionally longer to up to 60 seconds if required). The clip should contain a single event or movement through a scene.  Don’t combine clips.
  • Grading:  gently colour correct and enhance to a pleasant viewing standard. Don’t oversaturate. 
  • No audio tracks unless the audio is of high quality and enhances the video in some respect. 99.99% of clips will not have audio. 
  • Clean Video therefore No Watermarks, No Titles, No Timestamps, No Transitions, No Black frames.
  • Metadata on a standardized spreadsheet. See details below.



  • Send in the files at the maximum native resolution for your camera. No upsizing or downsizing of files. 
  • Minimum camera resolution is 12 megapixels camera (4000 x 3000 minimum) shot with good optics and a low noise sensor at minimum ISO. 
  • Jpeg at max quality, 8 bit, Adobe(1998) preferred.
  • There should be no noticeable artifacts, posterization, color-fringing, noise or banding. 
  • All dust spots must be removed. 
  • No screen captures. 
  • No photos taken from video. 
  • Smaller quadcopter cameras can be quite noisy at higher ISO settings and images can quickly become unusable on these cameras. The need to maintain good quality is important.
  • Embed IPTC METADATA into the image file. See details below.



The following are the metadata fields used by search engines and local site searches to find and access your images and footage.

Please embed the information into the IPTC fields of your photographs. Most editing software can accomplish this easily. 

A separate spreadsheet will be required for footage. You can click one of the following download links for a template. Send in a filled in form with each submission. 

If you compile metadata on your own master CSV, you may send that in instead if you wish. 

Excel Metadata Template

Download a sample Excel spreadsheet for metadata.

Numbers Metadata Template

Download a sample Numbers spreadsheet for metadata.
File Name Filename including the extension. e.g. No spaces. NO special characters except underscores and dashes. Simple sequencial numbering schemes are the best. 
Headline (Title)


The Title is the most important from an SEO perspective. It’s used by search engines to index the content and appears on the top header of organic searches. This is the main title of the image and is displayed under all image thumbnails and the enlarged view to give the viewer a brief synopsis of the content. Don’t waste them, but you can’t spam – 8 to 10 words is the upper limit on a Headline. Concise and accurate. Don’t use “Stock Photo of…” or “Stock Footage of…” etc. The site automatically prefaces all Headlines with the appropriate wordage for SEO enhancement.
Sublocation  (optional) Neighbourhood, park, county etc.
City Self explanatory
State/Province Self explanatory
Country Self explanatory
Keywords The where, when, what, who of the image — see additional information below. Comma separated in one column. Keywords like: aerial photo, aerial footage, stock photo, photograph… and the many iterations of these need not be added. Most are placed for you within the keyword string. 5-50 keywords.
Creator This will either be your name or company name and will appear as © AUTHOR on the website.


Keywords are a subset to the Metadata.The best content in the world will quickly slide into obscurity without the ability for customers to find it. Properly keyworded content sells more. 

Please include the following:

  • Location: Country, City, Province State, neighbourhood etc. Where is the scene geographically?
  • Time: what is the season? is it dusk, dawn, sunrise or midday?
  • Who or what is the main subject? Iconic features are important to note. 
  • If there’s people, what’s happening and what are they doing? 
  • Special technique like slow motion or time-lapse.


Model and Property Releases should be uploaded at the same time as the content. For purposes of matching, create a spread sheet with the File Name of the image/footage and the File Names of the releases they connect to. Use as many columns as necessary per image/footage file.

Sample paper releases are available of download.



Credentials for signing onto the Overflightstock Web Uploader will be sent to you. 

We also accept hard drives or we can download media off of your private cloud storage. 

Contact us to make arrangements for shipping of hard drives. (They are of course returned to you).



Updated May 14, 2018